Footbridge Along Marcos Hi-Way Anomaly (in front of Vermont Royal Subdivision)

Antipolo City Mayor Ynares and DPWH Regional Director SAMSON L. HEBRA (OIC):

I am a concerned citizen living here in Vermont Royal, along Marcos Hi-way, Antipolo City. You may well know that Marcos Hi-way has 8 lanes (4-lanes per side) and how many pedestrians lost their lives from speeding vehicles.

Just this year alone, there have been 3 accounts of pedestrians getting hit by speeding vehicles since January.

It was actually a big relief when we heard last January of this year, that a footbridge will finally be constructed in front of the subdivision. Although I have no issues walking 1km each day to the next footbridge so I can cross an 8-lane highway; it’s a bit of a concern to see elderly people, women with children each day, braving the road and risking their lives.

Now the footbridge is already completed, it is riddled with anomaly:

1. Construction cost- PHP 15+ Million
Construction began January 2015, it’s been more than 6 months already; it was only this July that the project was completed. BUT, until now, the footbridge isn’t open to pedestrians.


2. Delay caused by the business establishment, Rapide, who refused to have a footbridge occupy just one parking space in front of their building. I guess the greedy business owner would rather have a dead body in front of their establishment rather than take part in providing safety to pedestrians, their staff included.

I do not know why the local government had difficulty succumbing to a private property business that it took months for them let construction take place.


3. Construction was finished this July, bridge hasn’t opened yet due to a spur-of-the-moment, bad decision of changing the other staircase to a different design AFTER construction is finished. This is my main issue here, the footbridge is COMPLETE and operational, yet, it is decided that they will change the staircase which will again take time and cost.

I do not know why the local government had difficulty succumbing to a private property business that it took months for them let construction take place.


In the meantime, people are risking their lives everyday crossing the highway. Motorists and pedestrians are both affected since motorists have to evade the crossing people.
I believe a thorough investigation on this matter is necessary, as we, the people of Antipolo, who’s paying these from our taxes are puzzled with these anomalies.

What JKD is NOT


It is quite unfortunate that the bright shining star of Sigung Bruce Lee’s influence and charisma was made into a money-making industry when he passed away. It is not uncommon to see the name “Bruce Lee” added into any, and just any, fighting art just for it to attract students. Hence, today, we have so many “McDojos” sprouting around teaching their own version of so-called “JKD”.

Wing Chun for instance, gained popularity because of Bruce Lee. Ip Man was only known to the world because he was Bruce’s former kung-fu master. Wing Chun was a relatively unknown southern art in Hong Kong, until Lee made it known in the U.S.. But Bruce ultimately left Wing Chun as proven by his telephone conversations and letters to his closest students. His new art, Jeet Kune Do, is NOT modified Wing Chun, and not even Jun Fan Gung-Fu, which was earlier own take on classical Chinese art- JKD is boxing and fencing alone, JKD is Western in origin.

Even until now, Wing Chun continues to market their art as Bruce Lee’s “mother art”, which really is a shame, because the final evolution of JKD, bears no resemblance to Wing Chun at all.

To those who are exploring to learn JKD, (Ted Wong JKD, being the “purest” form), these are some guidelines to look out for when choosing a JKD School:


1. JKD is NOT a combination of 20+ different fighting arts!
– Whoever spread this lie is just absurd. Bruce Lee DID learn different arts (Filipino, Thai, Northern/Southern Kung-Fu, Karate, TKD, Judo, Savate, Silat, British Boxing, etc.) but he only did so, just for him to know HOW TO DEFEAT a fighter using such art. He DID NOT incorporate any to his JKD.

2. JKD Concepts is in itself a different type of fighting art. It is more like a mixed buffet of different fighting arts, sure some moves might be effective and looks good in camera, but again, it is not JKD as Bruce Lee himself taught. JKD Concepts was developed years after Bruce’s death. Know the difference between original JKD and JKD Concepts. Watch YouTube videos and compare Dan Inosanto to Ted Wong, then you decide.

3. JKD discourages trapping. If a JKD instructor is hell-bent on “trapping” movements, you better think twice. JKD is all about evasion using footwork, trapping is more like an “insurance” in our JKD and not our first line of defense.

4. Genuine JKD instructors teach angles, physics, and how to cheat inertia and gravity. If your instructor doesn’t care about weight-transfer and doesn’t know the difference between linear force (momentum) and circular force, then you might start looking for a new school.

5. Footwork and stance. Footwork is an essential part of JKD. If an instructor prefers to teach you how to deliver strikes without teaching you footwork, then you better leave. Footwork is what makes REAL JKD different from all fighting arts.

6. Simplicity. If a JKD instructor has too much drills consisting of learning too many techniques, then what you might be learning is not JKD. JKD is basically a mastery of 5 punches and 3 kicks. It is through footwork and angles that lets you create a masterful fight sequence.

7. Ted Wong lineage JKD instructors are not keyboard warriors who lurk forums trying to discredit another instructor, if what you think we are teaching is ineffective, then feel free to issue us a challenge, we prefer to prove our point in an actual fight or friendly sparring session, and not through internet trolling. =)

Sparring Tribute to Two Sigungs



Today is our Grand Sigung Bruce Lee’s Birthday (NOV. 27).


3 Days ago was the Death Anniversary of our Sigung Ted Wong (Nov. 24)

Both exceptional martial artists, both share their love for “scientific combat”.

We in Team JKD Philippines, as the remaining proponents of the “purest form” of Bruce Lee’s Original, Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do,  strive to teach and practice his art the way he intended it to be taught and practiced. To commemorate the memory of both our masters, I post some of my best sparring videos with none other than Team JKD Philippine’s resident MMA fighter, Marjune. Enjoy.


A Wary “Thank You” …?



To the Nations, Hollywood Celebrities, Vatican, and various International Organizations:

We are thankful and your help is very much appreciated. But with the recent expose of non-government pseudo-organizations squandering our taxes for personal gain, we ask you to be careful who you donate to. Ask for a receipt. Ask for a liquidation. And make it public.






To the Philippine Government, Catholic Church, and TV Networks:

Pass the Freedom of Information Bill! The donations are getting dangerously tempting in the billions of pesos already. We, the public, would like to see where the funds are used. We don’t want to see Mayor or Governor’s new house rebuilt, or any of their mistresses driving a new SUV.





No to PORK, Yes to FOI


#YolandaPH #BantayKaban

Super Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda)

Super Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda)

– 378+ kph of wind speed

– the strongest typhoon to ever landfall in recent history

After a catastrophic earthquake weeks prior, you have to wonder, why does it have to hit the Philippines?


A simple answer: Because of all the nations in the world, it is the FILIPINO people who have shown time and time again, that we can still crack a joke, manage a smile, and shake off whatever disaster that comes in our way. RESILIENCE. This is what we are known for.

Bangon Pilipinas. (Rise Up Philippines)

Pinoy Muna

I witnessed this first-hand. Sad scenario, and I just can’t help but approach the counter and ask the teller if this is really Banco De Oro’s policy: “foreigners first”.

I have an investment in the bank, heck, I even bought stocks from them. But like everyone else, I queue up. No special treatment, no special services. Here’s what happened–

BDO Salcedo, Makati: 

Foreigner comes in and shouts, “that’s it? no one will assist me?”
Bank manager attends to the foreigner while the rest of the Pinoys are lining up waiting to be serviced.

Who’s to blame here?

Foreigners bullying Pinoys to get special privileges?

Or Pinoys misuse of “hospitality” letting foreigners have their way in our own country?

Your thoughts?



The Scientific Method Behind Jeet Kune Do: Part 1

The Scientific Method Behind Jeet Kune Do: Part 1

(Taken from Team Ronin-MMA)


Every since the untimely death of Bruce Lee in 1973, his art of Jeet Kune Do has been misrepresented, misinterpreted and misunderstood. If you are a serious student of Jeet Kune Do you can see how easily this happened. Bruce Lee’s art was in constant change – this was part of his philosophy, not only in the martial arts but in life as well. After all, to Bruce Lee life and martial arts were one in the same. To understand the science behind Jeet Kune Do one must first understand the history of Bruce Lee’s martial art. This article will examine the scientific process Bruce Lee went through during his martial art lifetime.

Many people over the years have taken “using no way as way” out of context and completely lost the science behind the technique. Even Linda Lee Cadwell has said, “I don’t think Bruce really intended it that way.” And Bruce himself wrote, “People often mistakenly believe that JKD is against form. One thing we must understand: that there is always a most efficient and alive manner to carry out a movement (and that the basic laws of leverage, body position, balance, footwork and so forth are not to be violated). However, alive, efficient form is one thing; sterile classical sets that bind and condition are another. Aside from the above mentioned, one must also distinguish the subtlety between ‘having no form’ and ‘no-form.’ The first is ignorance, the second is transcendence.”


Bruce and Linda are both telling us that Jeet Kune Do has a structure, a specific way to execute the techniques of Jeet Kune Do. And that way is to apply science to movement. Bruce Lee never said, “You know, Western Fencing has good footwork, Savate has good long range strikes, Muay Thai has good close range strikes, Western Boxing has good punches and Wing Chun has good trapping; I should mix these together and develop a new style.” No, he applied science to the movement of the human body and asked himself, “As a human being, as a martial artist, how can I most efficiently use these two arms and two legs?” That is the science behind Jeet Kune Do.

(Stay tuned for Part 2 and Part 3)

Over-Saturation in the HR Field, HR Malpractice and Misconception



Over-Saturation in the HR Field, HR Malpractice and Misconception

By: C. Seamus Hermoso

Anyone nowadays can call themselves an HR professional and start practicing “human resources”. Anyone belonging to the hiring department of most companies, particularly BPOs, can call themselves an “HR”. It seems that more and more people are venturing into the HR Industry nowadays, which to me, is becoming over-saturated.

Psychology graduates and business management graduates were the only ones before who pursue careers in this industry. In the last five years or so, with the sudden boom of the Outsourcing industry in the country, we start seeing so-called “hr practitioners” coming from the I.T. field, Mass Communications, Marketing and even Nursing backgrounds.

These young professionals are then led to believe by whoever trains them that what they are doing, is “HR”, when basically in truth you are just doing plain “recruitment”.

Calling up candidates and interviewing them over the phone, doing background checks, and navigating through Jobstreet, JobDB and Monster doesn’t make you an “HR Professional” in the strict sense, but more of a “recruiter” alone. Heck, even recruitment is further divided into- sourcing, assessments, and placement, to which some companies only assign one recruitment task to one person, thus making the so-called recruiter a plain, “sourcing specialist”, “interviewer”, or “placement officer”.

Semantics wise, recruitment is just one facet of human resources. Knowing how to source people and to coordinate their schedules is one thing, but knowing the technical aspects of an interview, strategic planning, cost consideration, company culture sensitivity, succession planning, these are some skills that are often neglected particularly in the fast-paced recruitment of BPO’s and call-centers where the primary goal is to hire, hire and hire.

I doubt that in most BPOs, the recruitment team would have meetings and discussions prior to hiring a candidate where they would discuss the potential career growth of the person under deliberation, where they will calculate costs to the company, where they will plan for succession/promotions, and where they will evaluate if the company culture and company goals align to that of the candidate’s.


In most cases, as long as it fits the job requirements, then it’s a hire. In almost all cases, filling up the target quota of manpower requirements is more important to the recruiter than thinking of the long term company wellness. It’s these things that most BPOs do that gives Human Resources, actual and trained human resources DEVELOPMENT  people, a bad image.

And if the trend continues, with pseudo HR’s hiring other pseudo HR’s to take over, it’s an endless cycle of deterioration of the field/industry that some of us devote time, training and certifications, as well as multi-industry experience professionals all commit our lives to.


Team JKD Philippine’s 1st MMA Appearance

It was like a scene from those 80’s martial arts movies. The crowd was boisterous.

We were the “new guys”, all wearing our black uniform shirt, all advocating what most judge as an “incomplete” art.

They were calling us a “Bruce Lee Fans Club”. A Mickey Mouse club.

They were all seasoned fighters with skills ranging from Muay Thai, Boxing and Grappling. We, along with 1 Kyokushinkai Karate guy, were treated as outsiders. MMA guys feel that we don’t belong in the Octagon.

Until this happened:

Marjune Roma, JKD Philippine's fighter, ground and pound on Martin Tayag, an experienced grappler/mma fighter, after a devastating straight lead

Marjune Roma, JKD Philippine’s fighter, ground and pound on Martin Tayag, an experienced grappler/mma fighter, after a devastating straight lead

The fight lasted roughly 2 minutes, we won by TKO fight stoppage. But keen observers noticed that it was already over after the 0:38 mark when our guy, Marjune, connected with two Jeet Kune Do Straight Leads (and non-JKD guys would describe those straight leads as “jabs”).

The crowd was silent after the win. It was that quick and doubters during the match were silenced.

Martin Tayag, from Team JMC MMA, was clearly the more experienced fighter. Although I can’t show the video in public, people who saw the fight clearly noticed the speed, footwork and distance control of JKD. Truly, a testament that JKD can be competitive in the MMA octagon.

From L-R: Wendel Isles, the most senior of the team, Odi De Leon, JKD sparring partner and expert in rolls,throws, and ground game, Marjune Roma, our JKD fighter, Gimo Gomez, another associate instructor and sparring partner, and yours truly, sparring partner and strategist for this fight.

From L-R: Wendel Isles, the most senior of the team with the most experience in other arts, Odi De Leon, JKD sparring partner and versed in Aikido expert in rolls,throws, and ground game, Marjune Roma, our JKD fighter, Gimo Gomez, associate instructor and sparring partner with wicked barrage attack, and yours truly, sparring partner, former WingChun guy and co-strategist for this fight.

Next stop: Muay Thai matches, boxing matches, traditional karate fights.

It’s about time the Philippine scene see the true Ted Wong-JKD, our science, our art’s simplicity yet precision delivery, and our aggressive spirit that adhere’s to our founder’s “no way as way, no limitation as limitation”.

We are here to prove that be it combat arts, self defense, sports or plain physical fitness, JKD works.

with our Head Coach and instructor, Sifu Joel Ramos before the match

with our Head Coach and instructor, Sifu Joel Ramos before the match

Who’s the Mickey Mouse club now?

Healthy Lifestyle Proof:

Just recently, me and my colleague were invited by our office mates to drop them in the this gym after work (which would not be named, unless they give me 1 month free gym use for blog advertising, ha!).

Part of their “tour” is where they ask you to take your shoes and socks off, your wallet, belt, and all metallic objects with you. (The part where they take your money comes much later, probably after a month) Then you are asked to step on a metal plate with a machine connected to it. It then reads all kinds of body chemistry information.

I was a bit hesitant to try it since my last physical checkup a year ago, I was told I am a little overweight (height to weight ratio) and I was encouraged to build more muscle (fat to muscle ratio). Even in my Wii and Kinect, after a series of physical “tests” by some sports games a year ago, my body age (response time,body mass index, etc) was diagnosed as 39.

That was before I took up martial arts.

After WingChun for 7 months ( March to September, twice a week); and then moving on to Ted Wong-Jeet Kune Do (September to present), with more intense drills, actual full contact sparring, ground fighting and of course footwork training. Not to mention that part of our training of course is eating well and eating right, getting enough sleep, and taking plenty of fluids.

I often said that after martial arts, I have never felt more healthier. I sleep well, I get sick less often (although injuries from fights come more often), and I have this constant supply of energy. It is just now that I have an actual scientific proof of why I feel great.

So far here’s the results:



I am well within the recommended muscle mass, well within the ideal fat percentage, and surprisingly, my metabolic age is 5 years less than my actual age!

In contrast, my office mates who are 3 to 5 years younger were diagnosed with either obesity, high blood sugar, and metabolic ages ranging in the 40’s.

So given these results, it’s safe to say I am in the right track achieving perfect physical health. More sparring, more JKD! More healthy food and healthy snacking!  Health is always a good investment.

And with this, I encourage everyone to go out and do some physical exercise, eat right, and maintain a positive outlook.

HR Team Summer Outing

This may seem a bit late. But better late than never. Our new HR team out on summer break last April in Club Balai Isabel, Batangas. Enjoy!

2013 Jeet Kune Do (Ted Wong JKD) and Non-Classical Grappling Seminar by Sifu Rodney Hitchcock


June 22-23, 2013, the JKD Philippine Chapter (Ted Wong Lineage) invited Sifu Rodney Hitchcock to conduct our annual seminar on JKD and non-classical grappling. This is sort of an “audit” for us from our top Sifus abroad to check and fine-tune our JKD skills making sure it is in fact, the same art Ted Wong learned from Bruce Lee.

I won’t go on differentiating our lineage with other so-called “JKD” arts, that is reserved in another article I will be posting here soon.


Sifu Rodney, is a certified instructor of Ted Wong JKD and trained personally with Ted Wong himself along with the likes of Teri Tom, the author of the book “The Straight Lead” , Spain’s Joaquin Marcelo and Sweden’s Stefan Nikander (just search the names in Google and YouTube). Sifu Rodney is also an MMA Coach of Team Ronin MMA where they utilize JKD as a prime art aside from “non-classical grappling”, a form of grappling using the principle of simplicity of JKD. I am privileged enough to have a one-on-one interview with Sifu Rodney over lunch, and I will posting our interview transcript here soon.

The two day seminar covered mostly refinements of the basic JKD arsenal and some quick pointers for ground fighting.




Day 1, we covered the basic JKD arsenal: straight lead, hook punch, rear straight, corkscrew punch, shovel punch, hook kick and side kick. We also practiced some effective combos for various situations using pads. Footwork, of course, being the most important aspect of JKD, was also reviewed.

Day 2, we did some footwork and combo drills, plus we were given some basic pointers and moves for takedowns, takedown defense and submissions.


We definitely learned a lot, not only skill-wise, and how to do a technique properly, but we are lucky enough to have Sifu Rodney relate to us his personal relationship with Ted Wong, as well as Ted Wong’s personal relationship to Bruce Lee himself.

I particularly liked how he explains the Science behind the move, as Science is a key part in all the JKD moves. Sifu Rodney was even  humble enough to say that really smart coaches, and really smart fighters, with a deep understanding of combat, will, in time, figure it out themselves how to do these techniques and not know that what they are doing is a JKD principle. That humility is something rarely seen in other martial arts, where all can claim that their art is the “ultimate” art, not so with Sifu Rodney’s understanding of JKD, as taught to him by Ted Wong.

As Bruce Lee once said, “as long as we have two hands and two feet, we all fight the same”. It’s the deep understanding of human kinetics, economy of motion, angles an the mental aspect of combat that makes JKD unique, but technique wise, no one can really claim a move as their own. A punch is essentially just a punch in the end.

Overall, the seminar was a success, and we all look forward to have Sifu Rodney join us again next year.


Training Drill : Standard Sparring (no kicks)

Me, training with Gimo:

Skills emphasized:

Footwork (retreat, evade, shuffles)
Lead Straight, Pivot Punch, Hook Punch, Drop-shift
Rear Straight
Head movement, shoulder roll and push steps


The Straight Lead

A key element in the Jeet Kune Do arsenal, the straight punch is a deceptively simple technique that Bruce Lee described as the most difficult move in Jeet Kune Do- “Only one in 10,000 can handle it.”

Really now?

What we do seem simple to the untrained eye. You can claim that yes, you can do it too. The question is, can you do it right?

Devoting one’s self to JKD, training for months with countless frustration, body ache from the stretching to the pad work and sparring, and then being told casually by people who don’t even have an ounce of martial art training- that what we do they can do it as well, really ticked me off.

It seems simple on video right? Sure sure, anyone can hit a speedball. Anyone can imitate their own personal (insert martial arts idol) right? But what you fail to see is the footwork, the head movement, the hip alignment, the hand before foot, the push step, the broken rhythm,and the maintenance of structure. The drill is not all about hitting the ball, there are layers and layers of concepts and principles involved in throwing a perfect single straight lead.

So please. I am not trying to compete with anyone nor showcase or brag about what I can do, or what I’m perfecting to do by posting videos and pictures of our training. These are meant to entice interest to come train with us. To show how Ted Wong JKD moves in motion through drills.

If your ego prefers to believe that I am competing with you, I can’t do anything about that anymore. Anything else, skills wise, we can always settle it in a “friendly” sparring match. Then we can see if you can really do what we do.

Bye For Now – Hermit Mode Once More