There are two events a Batman fan is looking forward to.

First, the release of the next-gen video game Batman: Arkham City, a follow up from 2009’s Batman: Arkham Asylum, this time improving the said game’s already insane graphics, fast-paced action and detective game play. The game promises a bigger environment, more quests and puzzles, Catwoman and Robin as playable characters, and tons of surprises for hardcore fans of gaming and the comic geeks alike. The game will be released in October 12 for consoles and November for the PC.

Note that the trailer features actual in-game graphics, not CGI cutscenes. Meaning, that’s the exact graphics you see when playing.


Second is the release of Chris Nolan’s final take on the series, The Dark Knight Rises slated for release early in 2012. The final chapter in the trilogy features Anne Hathaway as Catwoman and Tom Hardy as the diabolical Bane. There are some mixed reactions here specially after seeing Catwoman’s costume. Either way, it’s really Nolan’s storytelling that will draw in the crowds. And hopefully they will dub that stupid voice of Christian Bale with that of Kevin Conroy.



Now while both these releases are stirring, maybe I can entice you, hoping that you are a Batman fan, in purchasing my Batman Action Figure collection. (now that! is marketing) Just comment below if you are interested. The package includes five mint action figures, meant to be displayed, all tight joints, and two of them still come with their packaging and accessories. You can also search for the details in




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