In my 7 years of driving experience, I have had some close calls, and even two serious accidents that almost landed me in jail. I soon learned how to be a defensive driver. But alas, no mater how careful you are, there are plenty of jerks on the road.

It is a given fact that jeepney drivers and mostly bus drivers are to blame for when it comes to traffic jams and road accidents. How come they are given a professional driver’s license when clearly, they don’t know how to obey traffic rules and don’t even possess a simple driver’s ethics? Giving them a license to drive is like giving them a license to kill. Or maim. Or dent other cars wantonly.

But ok, we can blame education for this. Or the lack thereof. But what pisses me off is that half of the time, these accidents and jams are caused by private vehicles. Fancy SUVs and sports-cars, expensive vehicles showing disregard to fellow motorists. It could be that those driving these vehicles are the rich people’s drivers who were public vehicle drivers before, but believe me, I have seen rich students, even professionals driving their vehicle and acting like a greedy, stupid, road maniac.

Below are the 6 simple habits every Filipino driver should practice, just these simple practices alone could reduce the traffic jams, accidents and road rage in our streets and highways and could save motorists and pedestrians a less lot of headache and angry fits.

1. LEARN HOW TO USE YOUR SIGNAL LIGHTS – I cannot emphasize this any much more. This is a very simple thing to do, and a simple road ethic. This informs those vehicles behind you, or in front of you if you are going to change lanes, or turn to a corner. You can’t just surprise everybody on the road where you are going. Show respect to everyone by signalling if you are turning.

2. DIM YOUR HEADLIGHTS WHEN APPROACHING A VEHICLE HEAD ON – I don’t get it why oncoming traffic tends to blind those approaching. What’s the purpose? Show respect by dimming your lights, or turning it to low beam when an oncoming vehicle approaches you. Be considerate that not all have your expensive HID light system.

3. RIGHT LANE MUST ALWAYS TURN RIGHT UNLESS THERE’S A SIGN NOT TO – Consider those who are in a hurry. And consider logic as well. Why would you be on the right most lane if you are going straight anyway? Even worse, why would you be on a right lane if you are going left? I don’t get it why people don’t have the patience to queue on their respective lanes.

Also, even if the traffic light is red, it is a general rule, that those turning right can turn right anytime with care. Unless there is a sign that says “No Right Turn On Red Light”. This doesn’t apply on turning left however. Go figure.

4. STAY ON THE U-TURN LANE IF YOU ARE GOING TO U-TURN, IF NOT, EXIT THAT LANE – Same principle as above. Why would you be on a lane that would U-Turn, if you won’t U-Turn. Driving involves advanced planning and quick thinking, know before approaching a lane if you are in the right lane. Otherwise, just commute.

5. FOLLOW ONE-WAY ROADS INSIDE CARPARKS – Most rich people think they own the carparks, particularly in Greenhills, every weekends, you would see SUVs occupying two to three lanes of parking, by parking diagonally or in-between the divider lines. Also, if the road says one way, go one way, it’s not the end of the world if you lose that parking slot you spotted, there’s always the rooftop parking if you want to park desperately.

6. IF THERE’S NO STOPLIGHT, FIRST TO STOP, FIRST TO GO – Respect. How come inside the Subic Freeport, everyone follows this simple rule. Give and take. The first vehicle to stop in a crossroad, would also be the first one to go. Bigayan. Salitan. Most don’t understand this. It reflects the their innate greed to and impatience.

Someday, I will try to find a way to print out flyers about this simple road ethics, I had enough share of preaching and scolding irresponsible and oftentimes inconsiderate drivers. Driving a vehicle is not a right, but a privilege. And if you are given such privilege, you are expected to practice it responsibly and show consideration to others given the same privilege. Respect is the key here. And patience. If you have a driver, do me a favor, educate him/her please. It might save you the embarrassment if I caught you myself.


4 responses »

  1. Dan-Dan says:

    Yung mga motor!! d marunong prumeno!! hangat pwede ilusot ilulusot… minsan from alfahkrs pabwelta ako… lahat ng kotse sa both lanes naka hinto na nung nagbabacking ako… biglang nung umaatras ako… may motor kumurba sa likuran ko nagbusina pa ng mahaba!! mga putang ina nila!!!

  2. Roni says:

    I super agree with number 2. Yung mga naka-high… they really get to me. May rabies ata ako eh, super sensitive to light :p

    Isa pang kinaiinis ko… walang concept dito yung mga driver ng “merge alternately”. grrrr 😀

    • C.Seamus says:

      yep, sa SBMA nga wala namang ganong stoplights, but people are disciplined that the first one to stop, be the first one to go, alternately. kaya naman nagkaka-traffic kase nag uunahan, so nagkakabuhol. kung salitan, then everyone is moving.

      and yes, yung laging naka bright, i usually signal to them to lower their lights, or pag hindi tinted yung drina-drive ko and they could see me, I act na silaw na silaw, and shield my eyes with my hands, minsan it gets them, nako-consensya naman minsan. hahaha

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