The following is taken from my good friend Jodan’s Facebook notes. He wrote this a few months ago. He is the reason I got into running, all credit goes to him for teaching me that jogging isn’t the same as the sport of running. He knew all the intricacies of the sport way ahead of me. From shoes, to race belts, lap timing, fartleks, speed training, heart rate monitoring, even sounds to listen to to get pumped up, truly Jodan is the man.


My Oval

By Jodan Valle

This is where I was first invited to run;

This is where I said, “yes ok I’ll run”;

This is where I took my first step;

This is where I realized there is more to running than just being stuck on a treadmill;

This is where I thought of leaving a bad habit;

This is where I found my inner peace;

This is where I always challenge my body to beat my mind;

This is where I felt real pain;

This is where I felt that I deserved every meal I ate;

This is where I’m sure nobody cares about how I look;

This is where I learned nothing is impossible;

This is where I learned there are no shortcuts;

This is where I shouted at myself… don’t quit Fatass!!

This is where I always see a great future ahead of me

This is where I learned to just go straight forward and never look back

This is where I learned to focus on my goals;

This is where I made my legs a weapon of choice;

This is where I learned the importance of respect;

This is where I knew I gained people’s respect;

…have you ever seen a guy diagnosed by 3rd degree obesity running 5 straight rounds (11KM) for 1:15hrs?



Salute to you and the highest of respects my friend! Good job, and thanks for sharing to me this amazing world of The Run!

*Jodan still runs every afternoon at the U.P. Oval, he is the current co-owner and operates Al Fahkr’s Persian Grill located along Maginhawa St., Teachers Village, Diliman Q.C.


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