DISCLAIMER: I am not saying that I depend on all these items, gadgets, formulas and stuff when I run. I can run without them. But I do believe that each run should be a quality run. I run because I want to push my limits and be better each time I hit the pavement. I run to excel, I do not jog to go sightseeing. My enjoyment is beating my time, challenging myself. That’s why I take advantage of the studies and new technology that is available, to make each run–the most perfect run it can be. Hence, these REVIEWS–


We lose plenty of fluids when we exert physical effort. How good you perform depends on how hydrated you are. (see those Powerade and Gatorade commercials).

So it is only fit and proper that you have your fluid ready when you run. It is however difficult to run when carrying a water bottle. (or a car key, a celphone, etc.) Enter race belts, or running belts.

My friend Jodan, who introduced me to running (and not jogging) also introduced me to the essentials of the sport. A good running shoe (not to be tempted by brands, but base it on your foot-arch and gait, a basketball shoe or a sneaker is not a running shoe); a reliable stopwatch; a comfortable dri-fit attire; and finally a running belt. With my limited funds however,it took me awhile to complete my running gear. I had to prioritize while enjoying the whole experience. No rush though.

When I finally had the budget for a running belt, I chose Nathan Sports. The build quality is superb and meant to last.

I like the kidney type water bottle, not only it is contoured to the waist, it’s just the right amount of fluid for my runs. I don’t need a 12 oz. bottle, since my runs are fast-paced, I don’t need to stop to drink while running, and a good 8 oz. bottle does the job effectively.

One of the few race belts that have built-in reflectors, this is a must for me, as I run at night and on highways. It also has a built-on ID Tag for easy identification during emergencies.

The race bib clip is a good add-on, no longer do you have to pin race bibs on your singlet, just clip it here and you are set. And it’s adjustable too.

The compartment might be a little too small for some, but since I just carry my car keys and a celphone, or a 20 peso bill if I don’t have my car, it is enough for me.

Overall a good product, feels light, feels comfortable, and doesn’t come loose, maintains it’s tightness even after 4-5 rounds in the U.P. Oval. I remove the water bottle during my runs at the Marikina track however, since it looks overkill.


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  1. poch says:

    Naks seamus. Kinareer mo na running ah. Running and blogging.

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