My 28th birthday last July was highlighted by my Sarah giving me a box set of pre-arranged dates. Somehow, it seemed I am the girl in the relationship with these gifts, but what the heck. It saves time from thinking what to do next (hehe, sorry and thanks hon!).

This series is part 1 and would fall under two categories: “Me, me and more me” since it is about my experiences and also under “Reviews”, since I will be reviewing these places, food and experiences I shared with my girlfriend.

First date – Sakae Sushi. It is no secret that I love Japanese food. I love sushi. My family loves Japanese food as well. So for the first date, Sarah arranged a Sushi Buffet for six people. The special thing about this restaurant is that it’s a Sushi bar, and all the plates are served via conveyor belt running around the entire place. The sushis are made by high-tech Japanese robots according to their advertisement on their international website. These robots are so high-tech they look like your average Filipino cook.

 Sushi Caviar

Veggie Sushi

Sushis and Sashimis are served by 2’s or by 4’s and are on color-coded plates. You pay by the number of plates accumulated on your table. But since we are on a buffet deal, we didn’t care about the plate colors and just dug in as much as we can.

The stacked plates are thankfully covering our inflated tummies

The deal says we have 1 hour to dine in, you will think at first that 1 hour is a short time to eat at a buffet. But we soon realized that we were already so full after 40 minutes of non-stop eating (and there’s talking of course). The sushi’s quality as expected could not be compared to Saisaki, but close. For the price and the fun experience of grabbing a plate on the conveyor belt, trying all the weird combinations, it is well worth it.

We had fun (except Iverson, the little kid with us, who was crying because of an embarrassment, hehe), we had our fill of Japanese goodness, and it was quality time spent with loved ones.

A dishwasher’s nightmare. What if naubos ang Joy Dish Liquid nila?

         With Papa, Tita Cath, my sister Christine (,

Sarah and little Iverson hiding.


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  1. im not a fan of japanese food…but i enjoyed the experience! =)

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