DISCLAIMER: I am not saying that I depend on all these items, gadgets, formulas and stuff when I run. I can run without them. But I do believe that each run should be a quality run. I run because I want to push my limits and be better each time I hit the pavement. I run to excel, I do not jog to go sightseeing. My enjoyment is beating my time, challenging myself. That’s why I take advantage of the studies and new technology that is available, to make each run–the most perfect run it can be. Hence, these REVIEWS–

The Timex Ironman Triathlon Series of sports watches have a long tradition of quality, functionality and reliability. It is a trusted brand by runners, cyclists and swimmers alike. I was lucky enough to acquire an Ironman Triathlon watch sent from overseas. This is the classic series featuring the time-tested design but with a nylon velcro special edition variant.

Design: Most noticeable is the watch’s nylon velcro strap. Unlike most sports watches with a rubber strap, a nylon velcro strap has several advantages. First is the very tight, very secure fit it allows. With a nylon velcro strap, the watch feels like a second skin, leaving no gaps between the watch and your wrist. For high intensity sports this is a must.

Second, a nylon velcro strap is washable, rubber straps tend to get stained with mud, grime, and sweat over time, a nylon velcro strap doesn’t, it is designed to be for rugged use. Third, the fashion statement it shows, it sort of looks like a baller band or a wrist band.

The body is made of high quality stainless steel. It is a bit heavy compared to my Speedo watch, but with the the added weight it feels more solid and tough. The glass is made of industrial grade crystal coating which is very hard to scratch. The buttons are all water-tight. The watch features a dedicated stopwatch start/stop button on the front aside from the four corner buttons. The matte finish is also a plus for me as it lessens the nasty reflection it emits when hit by sunlight.

Features:  Indiglo Night-light with Night mode means you can either hold the button down while you look or set the button to keep the light on for a few seconds every time you push it. I prefer Speedo’s blue EL-Light as it looks more cool and high-tech compared to Timex’s indiglo, which lights the whole display green.

The watch also has 2 interval timers which allows runners to have set timers that, for example, beep for your 10 minute run and then your 5 minute walk and then repeat. This feature is a must for me when doing fartleks or speed/sprint training.  The 100 hour Chronograph/Stopwatch with 1/100 second resolution is also a nice touch so you know how long your run was down to the 1/100th second

Another feature I love is the 3 Alarm functions: Daily, Weekend, Weekday which allows you a wide variety of alarm settings. The watch also features 2 time zones and 30-lap storage. The watch is water-resistant up to 200 meters.

Overall, a great addition to my running gear. Finally a true watch for me really meant and designed for running. And with Timex’s reputation for durability, this is an accessory meant to last.

As with all running equipment, the purpose of these accessories are to enhance and improve the experience of your run, and we should not be constricted in enjoying our runs through gadget use alone. Happy running!


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  1. rah says:

    nice watch. Gusto ko din ng ganito 🙂 magkano mo nabili?

  2. Jodan Valle says:

    Welcome sa Timex world… aralin mo nga yan… tas turo mo sakin ung 5/3 kaya ko lang 5/5… gets mo na yan…:))

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