This semester in SOLAIR has been rough. Labor laws, organizational theories, study of government agencies, and not to mention the forced laughing you have to practice when a professor makes a corny joke. I am glad the semester will end next week, and hello sembreak!

I thought I was going to have a break with charts, graphs, stats and diagrams. But my application for an OD position means more OD theories to ingest. It’s a lot more serious and career-threatening this time since it’s work and not just for academic purposes, but for actual application.


diagram from

Ishikawas, McKenzies, SWOTS, fishbones, etc. will soon be my constant companions I guess. Well I wanted to have a high ranking belt in Six Sigma anyway, so might as well take this opportunity (I also want a belt in Aikido and do they have belts in Wing Chun? hehe). I like the idea of OD though.

Let me make an analogy- it’s like being a game analyst and a scout in a professional basketball team. You do research for stats, your own strengths and weaknesses as well as the opponents; the historical trend of their wins and losses based on numbers produced; and how effective programs and trainings are in developing your players; how to get new players, and what players to get; how to execute effective plays and when and what team to make these plays.

As compared to HR Recruitment- where you plan the company’s growth and effects are long term and HR Employee Relations- where you deal with individualized or specific person or group for their well-being concerns, HR OD’s functions can be felt and implemented quickly, and it’s like an octopus touching (and disturbing) all the HR departments.


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