Steve Jobs: 1955-2011

“Stay hungry, stay foolish”

I was stunned to learn of Steve Jobs’ passing just today. I was searching for the Iphone 4S reveal and saw instead articles about Jobs’ death. I guess most expected it after his retirement from Apple last August. I can still remember the chubby Steve when the first Ipod (2001) was announced or even when the iMac (1998) was announced.

First Ipod Announcement – 2001

IMac (1998) – a clean cut Steve Jobs

Our first computers as children were the Macintosh II, and I first learned how to use a mouse back when computer classes at school were teaching DOS commands. My parents were Powerbook users and we even had the Tangerine space-inspired iMac I. Those happy memories made us Apple fans at an early age, until Windows dominated the workstation and gaming platform.

We all know how that Microsoft came into dominance during Steve’s absence at Apple. Until the 2000’s, the fascination on the innovations made during Steve’s return to Apple clearly influenced and inspired both hardware makers and software engineers. I like the trend that he set, trying to make high-end technology available and usable to everyone even those without any techy geekiness in them. And let us not forget about Pixar. Toy Story, Bug’s Life, Cars, Monsters Inc., Wall-e, The Incredibles- these films are the new generation classics and masterpieces of 3D animation, all thanks to Steve. The man is a legend, an icon and way ahead of his time with his innovations. Apple and Disney lost a great man. Rest in peace Steve Jobs.


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  1. C.Seamus says:

    I saw articles about Steve’s LSD use, buddhist beliefs and alternative lifestyle. It was presumed that the “Think Different” slogan of Apple came after Steve’s experience with LSD. He was also quoted saying Bill Gates was ok, but was too uptight. I guess it reflects on their products, Steve’s Apple is more hip, and Bill Gate’s Microsoft is more nerdy.

  2. rah says:

    I liked his clean and simple, minimalist philosophy.

    Of course he was a college drop out. One thing people forget is that although he was a college drop out, he was a child prodigy.

    Parang michael jackson langyan eh. Pagaaralin mo pa ba sa college of music si MJ? Nuf, said.

    The only thing i don’t like about apple computers is their ridiculous pricing. ANg mahal ng product nila. Ang daming hindi nakakaafford.

    I also suspect all Apple products have a self destructing “chip” of some sort that pre programs an apple device to die slowly and mysteriously. (no basis though)

    • C.Seamus says:

      yea, part of the reason of Microsoft’s success is how they focused on software and allowed 2nd party manufacturers to assemble their hardware therefore dramatically lowering the prices. but the downside is that they can’t control the quality of the hardware as opposed to Apple. Steve was said to be a control freak, which became their strength. Pero mahal nga.
      the devices are also made to be updated until a set time, after a new version is released, the software updates of course won’t work with your old devices, therefore securing that you buy the latest product. kita rin sa first commercial ng Macintosh noong 1987 ang vision nila, parang Big Brother.
      Nagulat ako sa mga Pinoy na umiiyak pa. Parang OA naman masyado. iLame.

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