After the embarrassing scenario where an employee of the DPWH posted an image in their agency’s Facebook account were we see their 3 superiors inspecting the damaged Manila Bay sea wall, and keen-eyed critics noticed that the image was Photoshopped, the said image editing antic became an instant internet meme.

The image posted on the DPWH Facebook

I was always a fan of internet memes. It’s fascinating how a blunder, a pop culture reference, or a notable event becomes a target for image editing and in effect producing outrageous, viral results. Here’s my top 5 favorite DPWH image edits courtesy of GMANEWS.TV

The original edited image was immediately pulled out from the DPWH Facebook after the internet masses commented on the edit. Leads me to wonder, did they seriously think they can get away into making people believe that they were there “inspecting”?

You can see the edit being criticized here:

You can see more similar funny images at


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  1. C.Seamus says:

    The said image even made it to the Washington post! wow nakakahiya.

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