The past few weeks we have been getting some serious headaches finalizing our moving in to a new condo, in a new city. Sure we have moved houses before, from Fairview to a condo in Cubao, from Cubao to a townhouse in Project 4; but this time would be our first time to move out of Quezon City. And this time, we are seriously on our own with no more parental interference. 

Living securely in a house with household helpers in a nice quiet subdivision since birth, we had to have a drastic change of lifestyle after my Mama passed away in 2002. I can still remember our first few weeks in our first condo (with my 2 sisters and me) wherein we have to adjust and learn cooking our own food, washing our own dishes, doing our laundry, cleaning our rooms and respective zone assignments. There were plenty of fights between us 3 and plenty of learning as well.

life in Fairview

When I started to work (meaning no more allowance), then came the additional responsibilities like sharing the bills, maintaining my car on my own (insurance and repairs), saving, etc… More grown-up responsibilities. I start inspecting my paycheck breakdown questioning all those deductions to last peso. I start computing how much food I consume each day. I start giving up some expensive hobbies. I start dreading the monthly statement of accounts from bills and credit cards. I start looking for extra sources of income.

I’m proud to say that Mama reared us well and prepared us to live independently and Papa is still around to lend his support if needed. But of course, who would want to be under the sustenance of a parent all his/her life? (Unless you are a lazy and irresponsible rich kid, child-of-owner types who just rely on a parent’s name, influence and funds) Papa wanted us to be self-sufficient, it may be hard, but I guess the rewards in the future will be more fulfilling than just inheriting everything you have without moving a finger.

learning to "work together" at an early age

How I wish I was living my life again as a carefree child. Where my biggest problems were- wearing black socks to school when white socks were required, or leaving my Coleman jug in cafeteria, or breaking an action figure’s head accidentally.

when life was simpler (and hygiene doesn't matter)

Makes me wonder how did my parents do it? Working to earn for a family, saving for a house, saving for the children’s education, staying happy and responsible parenting, and balancing life. Thinking of the future bills alone after we have moved in to our new place already makes me lose sleep and my hair turn gray. (deep long tired longing sigh)

(BTW, our house in Fairview still is for sale, check it here, here, and message me for details)


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  1. rah says:

    Iniisip ko din kung paano nagawang magsurvive ng parents ko dati. naalala ko talaga na hirap na hirap kami noon.

    I guess marami silang ginive up katulad ng personal happiness para lang magsurvive, tayo, mga anak nila.

    Hindi ko alam kung anong trip nila noon. Ngayon kasi, iba narin yung trip natin.

    At least ngayon, mas marami tayong options, kung ano ang pwede natin gawin sa buhay natin. Siguro that’s what makes it more difficult. The art of choosing.

    Sila kasi noon, they were really pushed to the wall.

  2. gmae says:

    You used to live in Fairview! I live in Fairview 🙂 I have this feeling that we sort of have common friends. I mean, you know what they say: IT’S A SMALL WORLD AFTER ALL! 🙂

    Will definitely visit your blog more for more fun reads 🙂 Take care!

    • C.Seamus says:

      Yep, I have lived there from birth up until 2006. SM Fairview, Lagro’s Egays and TriMoShawarma Co., The NF chapel and court, Good Shepherd, Ecopark, etc… I miss Fairview. I still go there to check our house and we sometimes run behind the parking lot of SM.

      Yea, it is entirely possible that we have common friends (ka-generation naman kita right?)

      Thanks for visiting Gmae =)

  3. Roni says:

    I lost my father in 2004 (he died on my graduation day, huhu). I can’t imagine what you guys had to go through losing your Mom.

    Like you, I sometimes wish we can go back to being kids whenever we want to. Wounded knees healed much faster than wounded hearts we have now.

    • C.Seamus says:

      Losing a parent is never easy Roni. We just have to be thankful for the years we spent learning and growing wise under their watch. I sometimes envy friends who finished college and even got through a year or more in their first job, all while having complete parents behind them. =(
      But life goes on as they say…

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