I just want to share one of my hobbies to all of you.

After leaving Fairview long ago, in which I also have to leave my pet German Shepherd, Egor, since they don’t allow pets in our old condo, (I have to thank my good friend Jeff for adopting Egor) I longed to have a new pet.

A few years later, we were already in the Project 4 townhouse when I decided to get into exotic pets.

I first thought of reptiles, or hedgehogs or those cute sugar gliders. But after some heavy research, visiting some breeders and getting to know those in the hobby, the best that would fit my lifestyle would be- arachnids.  Particularly, tarantulas and scorpions.

My Giant Brazilian Black and White (A.Geniculata), I call her Jeni

Gengis Kahn, my Malaysian Forest Scorpion (H.Spinifer)

Scary? They may look intimidating (and astig! hehe) but most of the time if you handle them properly, they are harmless.

Bianca, my young Green Bottle Blue Tarantula. see how amazing they look in adult form

Just sharing what an adult Green Bottle Blue would look like, still scary? I guess not.

They require little feeding (2x-3x a month), don’t need bathes, doesn’t smell, and the good part? Their digestive system is so efficient, there are virtually no droppings. The enclosures just need to be cleaned- 1x a year. How cool and convenient is that huh?

Afte Gengis died, I had 3 Tarantulas: Brazilian Giant Black and White, Mexican Red-leg, Green Bottle Blue and 1 Scorpion: Malaysian Spinifer

The downside? You have to have steady supply of feeds- roaches (not the house cockroach, but lateralis, a special breed), or beetles, or superworms on hand. You are lucky if you have a breeder nearby who can supply you, but in my case, I have to start a colony of lateralis to appease the appetite my hungry monsters. And my sisters are really not happy with this big Rubbermaid container outside the house, containing roaches.

You can visit my good friend, and adviser on anything arachnid- Sir Mac, or Bosing to most at: bosings-crawlers-ph.page.tl

Be Well!


6 responses »

  1. Roni says:


    i am super arachnophobic, huhu! my hands are now sweaty just by seeing those photos.

    phobia aside, the color of the green bottle blue is nothing short of beautiful. simply amazing. i’m sure you’re excited to see Bianca as an adult! 😉

  2. bosing says:

    spread the love, bro!

  3. rah says:

    Bumili ka ba ulit ng spiders? Interested din ako sa spiders pero gusto ko yung pang derby fight. Yung tinitinda sa claret dati?? Gusto ko yon at maghahanap ako ng kalaban 😀

    • C.Seamus says:

      mejo brutal ata yun bro. saka baka may magalit na mga pet lovers. (pero sabagay, kung ikaw gusto ng fighting spiders, ako gusto ko pinaglalaban mga fighting fish) oh, trivia- Tarantulas aren’t considered real spiders. =)

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