fire at your own risk (or depends how high your testosterone levels are)

If you are not a peacekeeping officer of the law or a member of the military defending our freedom and rights, and you own a gun, I’m sorry but for me, you are an insecure coward.

Ok, fine, it might be a hobby of yours to shoot metal slugs at inanimate objects (hopefully your hobby is NOT shooting living beings), or you highly believe that your life is in constant danger that’s why you keep guns. Ok, I’ll give you that.

BUT, owning a high- caliber assault rifle, clearly designed and intended to kill as many people as fast as possible? If you think those so-called people who would kill you could only be fended of by such a high powered firearm, then what prevents you from owning a bazooka or a grenade launcher if you were to use that lame logic? Why not let the professionals, the authorized and the properly trained to take care of your security?

I have had my share of bump-ins with these self-proclaimed high profile individuals of society. And yes, they talk using their stupid guns. Guns and testosterone are an ugly combination. And as with all men, it’s always the size that matters. Never mind whether you are corrupt or not, or if you’re an intellectual or a stupid bird-brain.  In our Wild Wild West-inspired Philippines, how big your guns are, are equivalent to how you are supposed to be respected. Stupid right?

It’s not just for sheer intimidation but in Claretiano term- Pangpa angas pa lalo. Pfft.


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  1. C.Seamus says:

    i know an arrogant gun owner bully who accidentally shot his own ass, since di naka-safety yung baril nya and he sat on it. digital karma =)

  2. lrak_29 says:

    Having a gun makes someone think that they have power.. “I can choose who lives and who dies… (insert evil laugh here)” Hay.. With great power comes great responsibility nga daw sabi ng tiyuhin ng isang taong gagamba/gagambang tao..

    Just be responsible.. Hindi mo naman siguro kayang buhayin yung taong nabaril o napatay mo di ba?!

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