DISCLAIMER: I am not saying that I depend on all these items, gadgets, formulas and stuff when I run. I can run without them. But I do believe that each run should be a quality run. I run because I want to push my limits and be better each time I hit the pavement. I run to excel, I do not jog to go sightseeing. My enjoyment is beating my time, challenging myself. That’s why I take advantage of the studies and new technology that is available, to make each run–the most perfect run it can be. Hence, these REVIEWS–


I love Nike and Adidas sportswear (but I don’t like their running shoes, and running philosophy). What’s great about these sports wear is the material and design. What’s not so great, is the price.

Enter BO’ Athletics.

I was actually quite surprised when I discovered this brand, and tried one in the fitting room. It fits so comfortable and very, very light. I was expecting a price tag anywhere between the Php 500 to Php 1000 mark, (Nikes and Adidas are priced around Php 1000 to Php 3000), but I was shocked to find out they were below Php 500!

Material: Like all dry fits, it is also made from some spandex/nylon combination. The material, unlike cheap knock-offs and imitations of Nikes and Adidas you can find in bazaars, is very high grade. If  you’re not particular about brands, why buy fakes when you get an original (although not well-known), but provide excellent quality. Some designs even feature some cotton-mesh under the arm area and the back, providing excellent sweat absorption and cooling at the same time.

It is stretchable unlike my Adidas run shirt, making the fit quite snug. An advantage of this is that it makes you very aerodynamic, sort of like wearing a compression attire cyclists and track runners use. Downside of this type of material, if you ate a lot or drank a lot and your stomach is bloated, it won’t hide the bulge.

Design: This is where it really excels. Their design is somewhat a cross between Nike’s streamlined combination of colors, and Adidas’s use of parallel lines. It gives an impression of speed and performance. Be it for running, cycling, weight lifting, (or for their endorser Derek Ramsay’s case, ultimate Frisbee), you won’t be left out.

What I specially like about the design are the inclusion of silver reflectors. The same type used for high-end running shoes. This makes you run safe at night, add that they use neon colors to accent the blacks. I usually run with used race singlets during mornings, but for night running, this is perfect. Highly recommended, great performance for a great price.

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5 responses »

  1. happy running!…. nice review….

  2. Misteryoda says:

    San nakakascore nyan? Mana ka sa Dad mo, magaling sa pluma 👍

  3. Marty says:

    Great review! You know i just bought 2 pairs of Bo Athletics compression shorts last night and took one out for a run this morning. Great quality and feel considering its price.

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