This would probably be the last time I would react on this matter. I should have kept away from discussing religion.

I saw a huge amount of visitors pouring in and viewing my previous post entitled- “Hypocrites”. Some people pointed out that my blog was being mentioned yet again in Facebook, and claiming that I have written some things that I haven’t. I do have a dated screenshot of my original post, and WordPress also records any changes made to an article, so I am confident (if internet laws are clearly defined) that I have a good case for filing libel.

Just to clarify some key points-

1. REVOLUTIONARY does not mean a REBEL


3. I did comment anything regarding the divinity of Jesus (I know and respect all religions and clearly defined this first)

4. I did not say Jesus was a “rebel” and Jesus was a “leftist”

5. Being a revolutionary does not negate Jesus’ divinity, if that is what you are so concerned about

Now, there is absolutely nothing wrong with being a leftist (it is actually now considered not politically correct since not all those opposing the government is a leftist).

Also, what is it with the wrong connotation that someone who wants change is a rebel? A rebel wants anarchy. A revolutionary wants change and acts on it. What is wrong with empowerment, development and initializing change for good governance?

For those new in the loop, reread my original post and the comments  and let’s not get out of context.

Tolerance to an individual perspective is a virtue across all religions. But tolerance to an evil (like greed for example, or thievery) is scoffed, we are expected to act not be passive, THAT was the point.

Again, the whole point of the original post-
Was about a guy who keeps on posting how “Christian” he is but yet he claimed “greed is good”, he promotes materialism, and he declared that those people who opposed corporate greed are “shallow and pathetic”. That was according to his Facebook wall posts. (he could have deleted it after reading this, but nonetheless, that was why I wrote the article)


And I don’t edit your comments people, I encourage a healthy democratic debate here. But please, careful with what you post on your Facebook, Ms.Rodriguez-Guerrero, don’t shout out that I wrote things that I didn’t, that is not a “Christian” virtue right?


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  1. i can see malicious intent to malign your reputation as a writer. yeap, grounds for libel. oh well, think before you click.

    • C.Seamus says:

      thanks Sir Jeff,
      there was even some replies to her FB page, that “true intellectuals” don’t get the Bible verses, etc… hello?!
      as I’ve said, quoting out of context passages from the Bible doesn’t prove anything in debates and arguments, the Bible should be taken as a whole message, and not piece by piece according to your own use you see fit. sheesh. open. your. minds. On the “Hypocrites” post, there is actually a link on the word “guy”, that was the FB wall I was talking about that led me to write the article.

  2. Roni says:

    “Revolutionary” has always been associated to change (positive change if I may say) while “Rebel / Rebellious” is being insubordinate or defiant. “Revolutionary” works towards an objective, while “rebellious” may not – it may simply be a manifestation of resistance. They are two entirely different things.

    And yes, taking Bible verses out of context is a very. very. very. dangerous thing to do.

    • C.Seamus says:

      tama di ba? i don’t know why some people are associating “revolutionary” as “armed struggle” or “defiant”. And I could have quoted Bible verses myself to counter-react but that would be senseless, who are we to give our own meaning and own definition to an already written message, and use it to prove our point for our own interest, right?

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