Part 4 of the Sarah Birthday Gift Series is a visit to a fancy Italian restaurant- Focaccia, located at The Fort. For past entrees  on the series click (here, here and here.)

I first thought I was headed for an old school, dimly-lit, traditional Italian joint, complete with the checkered table cloths.  I was surprised to see the place having a very modern motif. The furnishings are mostly metal and ceramic, deep red and clean whites. Almost like a 50’s style space-age diner feel. We were the first customers too, we arrived too early!

After some time with the menu, we decided to get their best-selling appetizer, Shrimp Scampi. While waiting for the food, we were served some focaccia bread with balsamic vinegar and olive oil. Wow, seems authentic, old-school Italian dining after all, I thought. The shrimp arrived freshly and perfectly cooked. Soft and juicy, rich with the garlic taste with a tangy lemon-y after taste. I took note how the boys would love these coupled with a few beers.

Next we got two main dishes, Osso Buco (tender beef shanks braised in red wine and tomato sauce, served with fettuccini) and their famous Pazza Rollio (crazy rolls). First thoughts when the Osso Buco was served- “how much is this again?” because for it’s price, it seems they would lose money in the long run. This was served generously with solid, big, chunks of tender beef. Imagine a two pint ice cream container, fill it to the brim with big beef chunks. That’s how loaded it is with meat, making the fettucini look like a side-dish. Maybe we were the first customers that’s why we got super-big servings, we almost didn’t finish it all off. It was so flavorful, thanks to the red-wine, and the pasta was superb.

Focaccia is known for the Pazza Rollio. The crazy rolls. These are super-thin pizza, sliced into strips. It is served with some veggie leaves (some kind of lettuce hybrid, I don’t know) and green peas sprouts (think touge from munggo, but this from green peas). I was ever since a Pizza lover. Ok, a pizza addict. And eating pizza this way gives it a fun twist. You first put the leaves on the strip, stuff it with the sprouts, roll away, and dip. We got “Slice of Italy” as our pizza flavor. Sort of their “super supreme”.

The experience was great. The food was awesome. This was as they say a “hidden-gem” in the many food outlets along the The Fort strip. We were so full, that we decided to cleanse our tummies with some blueberry yogurt for desert outside courtesy of California Berry.

More of the Sarah B-day Gifts Series coming soon!





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