Showbiz time.

Two years ago, I thought it was all  just for show or to increase her popularity. A year after, she was there again. And again same time of the month this year. For three consecutive years, tv/movie personality Bea Alonzo was celebrating her birthday at Preda Foundation unannounced to the public. Preda is a non-government organization committed to women and children’s rights, fair trade movement, and social justice co-founded by my parents and Fr. Shay Cullen.

Preda used to stand for “Prevent and Rehabilitate Drug Abuse” in the 1970’s as a splinter organization of Bob Garon’s DARE. In the 90’s it was renamed “People’s Recovery, Empowerment, and Development Assistance” and from a drug rehab center it focused on providing shelter, legal assistance and education to street kids and abused women. They were nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize back in 2001 and 2003 and won several Italian and German human rights awards. Unknown to many, the Preda team was instrumental in converting the then Subic U.S. Naval Base into SBMA as an industrial hub and tourist destination as it is today (my father and Fr. Shay actually wrote the draft/diagrams of how SBMA was to be made into an economic zone, which it is now). They were also the team who drafted the R.A. 7610 and more recently R.A. 9344, all for the protection of children which was lauded by UNICEF, a close partner.

Preda has earned several powerful enemies specially in the local government of Olongapo after battling the pedophile sex-ring and the rich and politically protected bar owners of the red light districts. But the struggle continues, and they continue to work silently. Let BantayBata, Kapuso Foundation, politicos, etc. take all the credit from their hard work, they remain dedicated to their cause.

Bea Alonzo with the CICL Boys

Like Preda, Bea Alonzo is also silently dedicated to this cause. No media with her, no press releases, etc. when she visits the center. I initially had an uncomfortable image of her because of how she portrays herself on camera, but that image is meant for public consumption and the paying masses and screeching fans. She is very down to earth, humble and approachable actually. Never mind her gifts, donations, etc, her mere presence alone just to be with the kids deserves applause. She has a heart that cares, silently but dedicated.

In our day to day activities, passions and commitments, we don’t need a shout out every time and every chance we get. Doing good things, even small simple things like giving some bread to a beggar doesn’t need to be bragged about especially in social networking sites or in blogs. Let someone else acknowledge your deed, instead of announcing it to the world yourself earning praises in the process. Good deeds with genuine good intentions will get noticed over time, just keep silent and dedicated.

Photo Credits: Preda Staff and Joan Almazan Conanan



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  1. LaBersPark says:

    Thanks for this.Hope you dont mind me sharing it on our fanpage.thanks.

    • C.Seamus says:

      No problem, as I’ve mentioned, genuine true and good intentions aren’t announced by the person doing these things, they just let others acknowledge them (in this case, me). haha. Thanks for visiting, just link my blog. =)

  2. itsmeadoven says: proud to be a BEA ALONZO fan since day 1..i know she has a good heart and a good soul..i am so happy that she remain silent of all the good deeds she has done..God will bless her all the more.. 🙂

    • C.Seamus says:

      there are actually numerous good natured people out there doing extraordinary great things all without bragging it. people will notice believe me, and let others laud your name if that’s what you want, but proclaiming your good deeds, or how dedicated you are to something leaves a sour taste. thanks for visiting! =)

  3. C.Seamus says:

    Please do not copy the content here and put it in forums without placing a link, give credit to where credit is due please. Thank you.

  4. gemma gonzaga says:

    keep up the good work Bea…

  5. Roni says:

    Hehe, buti pa si Bea. Hindi gaya ng iba na tutulong sa na-trap na damsel sa Provident Village nung Ondoy, naka media coverage pa ang speed boat. Hellur. Nagkataon lang na may media na nakaabang 24/7 sa perilous area? Come on. 😀

    • C.Seamus says:

      mejo doubtful nga ko dati upon learning Bea’s chosen social responsibility, pero consistent naman visits nya and support and best of all, she wishes na walang media coverage, now that was genuine.

      may kilala naman ako na politico kapag may sakuna o natural calamity andun agad to the rescue kasama ang own cameramen, writers and may press release pa after ng pagtulong nya. nanalangin ata sya lagi na may calamity para visible sya lagi. and sooobrang conflict kase elected official sya using this “volunteer org” as leverage for his popularity. (ok, ok, i’ll shut up now)

  6. gmae says:

    Okay, I wanna comment something showbiz but na-uh, hahahahahaha welcome to showbizlandia! :b

  7. gmae says:

    Sorry I clicked “post comment” way too soon 🙂 I was never a fan of Bea but after MAGKARIBAL I fell in love with her 😀 Jologs alert! 😀 Hmm. Nice to know she does some sort of charity, not CHARRRRRity (if you know what I mean). Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • C.Seamus says:

      wow, you’re a Bea fan huh? nagulat ako posting something about all these showbiz stuff actually generated 300+ page views in the first hour alone of posting! on to more topics that are, well, less…sensational.. hahaha

      Thanks for visitng gmae!

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