This is where the phrase: “To create is to destroy, to destroy is to create” was clearly taken literally by the people planning and executing all these digging to an extent that is sheer madness already.

Before typhoon Ondoy (Ketsana), the road from Q.C. to Antipolo was really a highway. No bumps, no bottlenecks, smooth fast road from Katipunan all the way to Sta. Lucia East. That was Marcos Hi-way before. The only cause of traffic was either when there were many people waiting at the Santolan LRT station, or when Robinsons and Sta.Lucia have a mall-wide sale.

Recently, construction after construction made Marcos highway notoriously traffic jammed. Be it a road-widening project, repair of potholes caused by the trucks, laying of pipeline by the Manila Water, the digging and construction never ends. The people just can’t seem to get enough of digging. Bisyo na to!

What I don’t get is the fact that all these digging are done at the same time and with different contractors. Why can’t a project be finished first on one section of the road, and then followed by the next section, and another and so forth, thus not making it inconvenient for motorists and commuters who also use the road.

It seems that for every 500 meters, there is a construction/digging going on, and by a different contractor.It’s even impossible to use the other side of the road at some sections to counterflow traffic, as that same part of the road is also being dug.


And what’s weird is that after they are done with that digging, they pave the road, make it smooth again, and a month later, another digging would destroy that same road. It seems that all these projects are not carefully planned and coordinated.

Or maybe just another money-making scheme by the local governments of Pasig, Marikina, Cainta and Antipolo, all who share the same road. I mean sure, it creates jobs for all these diggers and construction workers, but it also creates a far more unproductive headache and time-eating hassle to most commuters and motorists.


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  1. Roni says:

    I know how you feel.I drove there this Saturday and I kept using the counterflows. Kainis lang, puede bang tapusin muna nila ang isang section?! Pagsabay-sabayin daw ba. Hahaha

    • C.Seamus says:

      Ang weird nga Roni, kase natatapos naman nila yung paghuhukay nila. Kaso after a few weeks, parang may magyayaya ulet na trabahador sa kapwa trabahador- “ano gawa mo pare?” “wala naman” “tara, hukay tayo” “o sige dun sa dati ulet”. =/

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