After quitting from a long stint in photography (both street photography, college sports and college journalism) I said I would try to pursue video and animation. To cut the story short, I was far too busy to ever have a serious hobby (and lacked funds) anymore.

The latest hobby I tried was keeping tarantulas and scorpions.

But alas! I finally had some free time and out of boredom tried doing my first, crude and very amateurish stop-motion animation. Enjoy!



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  1. lrak_29 says:

    Gaano mo katagal ginawa yang 20 sec video mo?

    • C.Seamus says:

      believe or not, 1 hour lang yan. but it took 94 shots. yung post processing yung mahirap since kinakapa ko pa. hopefully sa next try ko, alam ko na kung pano, and mas mahaba na with effects..hehe…busy ulet eh, next time pag free ulet.

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