On my way to work, I saw an SUV with so many stickers. “I brake for Runners” , “I run like a girl” , “Marathon Freak” , ” I heart Running”. In my mind I was, “wow. Really?” And then I saw the plate number. RIO 316.  It’s no other than Coach Rio! Ok, forgiven. Haha!

A few of the things I learned from being in the HR field for so long is character-branding. Or labeling. It’s not always a good thing.

Being labeled by what you did or what you achieved is quite common particularly in public figures. Former President GMA seems to enjoy lying, cheating, and stealing thus she was labeled as such. Robert Pattinson got a career boost by playing a creepy vampire boyfriend and now he has to live with that image for life. As for Coach Rio, he became the poster boy for anything marathon after his humble beginnings and massive success, so he embraced the labeling.

don't tell me you forgot "hello garci", "zte scam", "morong 43", "fertilizer scam" and "maguindanao massacre"

But sometimes there is labeling done intently on one’s self, self-labeling, that to me, is twice as sad as being labeled accidentally.

Fixation on being recognized for something that you are passionate about is lame really. For example, being a Web Developer doesn’t mean all you speak about, all you blog about and all you tweet about is web development. Liking or being passionate in something doesn’t mean that it should define you. Part of the reason I try to show my “other” interests to the public eye,  is to avoid labeling.  As someone with a celebrity complex, I know that my fans would be bored if they only see me doing just one thing (I am being sarcastic ok?)

Sure everyone has to have a specialty or an expertise. I am guilty in being a Jack-of-all-traits Master-of-none, and saying that is really humbling (crushing my ego, really, ouch). But an expertise or a specialty should not define who you are. As such claiming that you are who you claim to be, and declaring that others are not is equally repulsive. (Getting philosophical now, so I’ll stop)

To wrap it up, a label limits everyone’s perspective on what you do and what you can achieve. Therefore a label sort of limits you.


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  1. it’s hard if your identity is imprisoned inside a box. i would quote Jun Sajonas, Creative Writing Professor, when he said “Fixation dampens creativity.” indeed, it hinders us from growth and realizing whatever skills we may be able to learn outside the label.

    • C.Seamus says:

      just imagine if a self-proclaimed “gamer” (after learning that he likes games from fellow fanboys) will keep blogging, tweeting and facebook updates are all about “gaming” and how he loves “gaming”, dyahe rin minsan. parang fixated ma-label as such. pst! btw, welcome to blogging boss jeff!

  2. Jodan Valle says:

    Parang si jeff lang yan eh… labeled na as “The one who got away” hahahaha… joke lang… parang ung mga contestant lang ng big brother… pag nagka show oh movie… oi yan ung sa PBB diba?

    • C.Seamus says:

      understandable yung mga “accidental” na na-label bro dahil sa nagawa nila or trabaho nila, ang dyahe yung sasadyain mong mag-effort para ma-label ka as something na gusto mo. for example masabihan ka kunwari ng “wow, sarap ng luto mo ah”…tapos since natuwa ka, after nun lahat nalang laman ng FB mo tungkol sa pagluluto…something like that =/

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