Wow. So few posts this November. Compared to October, it’s as if there was an “article famine” here.

I do apologize for not posting as much, I’ve been busy with work.  And I’m actually enjoying it. It is actually my 5th job, yes I am that choosy with jobfit (and sometimes bad timing plays a part as well; I’ve tried all possible post-employment scenarios from resigning, being fired, downsizing,etc…).

I like it when the work involved harnesses all my talents. I like it when all processes, policies and management can be open to further improvement. As you’ve seen from my previous posts, I highly believe in continuous improvement (six-sigma) cycle and the lean system. And I like it when the culture of family, service first before profit, and transparency is instilled in a company.

And so far all those I mentioned are being practiced here in my new company.

Since our office space is connected to our CEO's house, this is what happens when her kids invade the office.

It’s attuned to service, helping professionals find work that suits them. It’s not a headhunting/manpower firm (which is a relief). It’s a small yet highly effective unit. It’s technology/IT inclined, and as we call them “techie” (te-ki) friendly, and pro-techie. It’s near our place, and the benefits/perks are awesome. The fact that it deals with tech professionals, programmers, web developers,etc. quenches my geeky gadgetry techie thirst too.

As my friend Jeff always tells me, “happy employees, produce better results”. And yes, I am happy. So let’s see some results shall we?


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