DISCLAIMER: I am not saying that I depend on all these items, gadgets, formulas and stuff when I run. I can run without them. But I do believe that each run should be a quality run. I run because I want to push my limits and be better each time I hit the pavement. I run to excel, I do not jog to go sightseeing. My enjoyment is beating my time, challenging myself. That’s why I take advantage of the studies and new technology that is available, to make each run–the most perfect run it can be. Hence, these REVIEWS


I am an energy drink fan. I discovered its benefits when I first hit the gym during my “gym-rat” days in college. I relied on the quick boost it gave me when I first had a night-shift job back in the days. And now, it does the job perfectly when I run.

Of course coffee has its wonders and benefits as well, but when it is just too hot to drink coffee, or I am behind schedule, an energy drink is my weapon of choice. Besides, I prefer to enjoy my coffee and drink it slowly, and usually I rely on coffee if I need to stay up late, rather than drink it for workouts.

Strong brewed coffee with vanilla and Spider-man? Perfect.


After trying various energy drinks ranging from Lipovitan, RedBull, Bachus, ExtraJoss, Cobra and the like, I found out that Sting is just about perfect for me. The perfect mix of simple and complex sugars, ginseng, inositol and caffeine. It is definitely a lot safer than Cobra. What I like most about it is the taste. You don’t get that Taurine-based aftertaste you usually get from RedBull and the rest. I particularly love the Berry Blast and the Power Lime.


Red- Berry Blast for my speed training days

Green- Power Lime for my endurance training

The great thing about Sting is the fast release of energy. I become really hyped up after one bottle. Even if it was a tiring day or I had little sleep, one bottle (plus “Eye of Tiger” music in my ear), would ensure that I complete my laps. It’s a perk up wonder.

Our bodies are all built different so what may work for me may not work for you, also if you are sensitive to caffeine, you might want to skip on this one, if you haven’t tried any Taurine-based drinks mixed with your workouts, do give it a try. (visit http://www.stingenergy.com)


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  1. Jodan Valle says:

    I-On parin!!! onti pa sugar!:)

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