Sarah was with her trusty camera behind me, hence this shot. Nice one hon!


It was far too long ago since I took some art shots with manual controls. I may have bid my farewell to DSLRs and fancy lenses a long time ago, but seeing a majestic Manila sunset with my bridge camera on hand, I couldn’t resist. Instead of just sighing at the inspiring scene, I figured what the hell and started clicking. One of the selling factors of the SX30IS are the full manual controls. It may not have the big sensors like its big brothers  (it uses CDMA not CMOS as well), but its strength is the full-powered 35x zoom lens.  Nonetheless it is armed with Canon’s Digic IV processor and coupled with my technical nerdiness, I bet I can capture some great images.

I played around with ISOs, EV adjustments, aperture openings, white balances and focus range, although lacking the crispiness innate in cameras with big sensors– I’m proud to say I still have what it takes to capture such. Again quoting my good friend Jodan, “wala sa pana yan, nasa Indian yan”.

All photos are untouched, unedited and unmodified except for the watermark for copyright purposes.  Click the images for the full high-res image. Enjoy =)





4 responses »

  1. Roni says:

    great shots! bravo! 🙂

  2. DK says:

    take photos for every minute of the sunset for 15 minutes or so and then do something like this: 🙂

    and I have finally updated my links bar! hehe

    • C.Seamus says:

      a time-lapse shot? hmm…great idea Kat…I did hack the firmware of my camera and discovered a time-lapse function, but I used it before for video (capturing my Tarantula molting), I will try to get my tripod that Chrisanta stole and post the result =)

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