Some of the perks of my work are the cool office mates. My manager was given a VIP invite to Resorts World’s Sound of Music, and she just gave me the tickets. Wow, talk about lucky. Naturally, I invited Sarah, who was also looking forward to see her favorite musical live on-stage. Who are we to refuse a free offer? Thanks Ms. Aissa Benitez!

It was my first time in Resorts World, although photography is prohibited during the show, we were able to take some shots before the show started. Newport Performing Arts Theater was awesome. Truly a world-class theater. It features the largest LED-screen in Southeast Asia as the stage backdrop. We were first seated at the far left side of the theater, not that bad since the stage was engineered to be seen even at all angles. But before the show started, we were ushered to be seated somewhere in the middle.  The best seat in the theater, not that high in the balcony and not that low in the patron section, we were exactly at the middle of the theater both vertically and horizontally.

We got the show where Cris Villonco plays Maria. Ms. Villonco actually carried the whole show single-handedly, I was waiting for the other actors to step up. Ms. Pinky Amador was in her usual brilliant performance although limited part and lines. We were lucky as well that Atasha Mulach was part of the cast, the audience kept on sighing as she mumbled her lines. Too many lines though for her character.  The play was based mainly on the Broadway act and not from the movie, so fans of the movie might get a little disappointed with the song arrangements. I was amazed at the stage props nonetheless. It’s great to see that we have something of this caliber of a show here in the Philippines. The overall acting may not be that worthy of a standing ovation, the music not that laudable (live Philharmonic Orchestra, but they were hidden) but I applaud the technical aspects of the play like the lighting, set props and the technology used.

Go see it with your family it’s a great pre-holiday feel good treat!


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  1. Joy Ramos says:

    always a pleasure to read about your experiences and adventures, cool blog

  2. Cris Villonco says:

    Thank you so much for writing about the show! Glad you enjoyed:)
    – Cris Villonco

    • C.Seamus says:

      Wow! Thanks for visiting Ms. Cris Villonco! BTW, I did stand up to give you an applause in the final curtain call. You carried the part great, Sarah wished for more songs though, but I do understand it’s based on the stage-play not the movie. The kids’s blocking was sometimes distracting though =)

  3. Cris Villonco says:

    As scared I am to read blogs, I still do and I am extremely grateful when the work is appreciated. Thank you for standing up. You cannot imagine how good it feels seeing those that do. I’ve had more violent reactions as to why My Favorite Things is sung with you know who or why Goatherd is set in you know where. Nevertheless, I’m so happy you liked the show. Thank you so much!!!!
    – Cris Villonco

    • C.Seamus says:

      It is I who should thank you Ms. Villonco for even bothering to comment and reply on my humble blog. Can’t believe how awesome it is to have your comments here =) maybe those violent reactions are from the people who cannot let go of the imagery that Julie Andrews’ film brought to life. It has to be understood that it was a stage play musical first before a movie, so each stage act is different as each director and the actors can and do include personal touches and revisions as they see fit. the play should be taken as it is and should not be compared to the other interpretations. besides, you can’t please everyone, what’s important is that you do art as a passion and not as a commodity. Thanks again for visiting!

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