I was a smoker before I discovered running a year ago.

I started smoking way back in high school. I was in 2nd year and barely 16 years old. It used to be “cool” before. Since I was in an all-boys school, the need to belong was such a temptation. It sort of added to the “frat-boy-rebel” image I was sporting a long time ago. I can’t understand today why did I lit up that first stick.

I remember “quitting” after Mama passed away during the 2nd Sem of my first year in college. I was in a phase where I had enough of  the bands, the black shirts, the piercings, the noise and all. It was also my gym-rat days. Gym and weightlifting was the way to get fit back then. And smoking was definitely not going to help build those muscles.

The nicotine rush finally found it’s way back to my lungs when I was doing my thesis, when I quit law school, and when I landed my first job. I wasn’t much of a smoker as compared to the previous “rebel” years, more of an “occasional smoker” as I preferred to be called.

Looking back, how I wish I quit earlier and quit for good. There’s just so much good things in the body that smoking ruins. Skin gets blotchy, more prone to acne and uneven tones. Lung cells die, making you get tired more quickly than the average person, and worse, brain cells die which could lead to short term memory loss and even long term memory loss. Brain cells cannot be repaired or replenished, once damaged, it’s permanent.

(Not to mention unhealthy hair, yellow teeth, black gums, and bad breath)

Today even the faint hint of smoke irritates me. It’s really a mystery to me now why people smoke, it’s like slowly killing yourself with all those poisonous toxins you inhale. Smokers age three times faster. Smokers die early. Smokers can’t run. And since I’d like to look young, live long and keep running, therefore, I try to keep away even from just second hand smoke.

Smoking is not cool. Smoking kills. It harms not just yourself but those around as well. Friends are always around to help you quit, but it’s solid, self-dedication and iron will that counts.

Let’s all start a clean healthy lifestyle everyone! Exercise, proper diet, complete sleep, plus keeping a positive attitude goes a long way. You’ll never regret it.


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  1. gmae says:

    Congratulations!! 🙂 I used to be a smoker, too. It wasn’t because I was influenced or whatsoever by people or a certain era. I just wanted to release my stress while I was reviewing for boards (stress release,who am I kidding???) and I thought the nicotine was helping me (again, WHO AM I KIDDING?).

    Even during my “smoking days”, I never really liked the smell of smoke or even the sight of a smoker- what more now, right? And yeah, I hear you when you say that ‘it’s a mystery to you now why people smoke’.

    Smoking kills. True that.

    Congrats to us, quitting smoking isn’t very easy (I had OA withdrawals) but with proper determination, it really is possible!

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