Just a follow-up to the earlier post about The Dragon, Bruce Lee. Here are the videos that I wanted to share. He’s more than just an action star and martial arts legend, these interviews show the more personal side of the man.

Kung Hei Fat Choi!


A young, unknown, 24 year old Bruce Lee interviewed to be cast as Kato for the Green Hornet. He shows the clueless Westerner his Kung Fu, explains his Philosophy, and shares some personal tidbits:

Bruce Lee now a Hong Kong superstar interviewed before the release of Enter the Dragon. A more mature, deeper Bruce Lee explains Jeet Kune Do and his thoughts about fighting, racial discrimination, religion and potential.

Bruce Lee, the martial arts instructor, demonstrates Jeet Kune Do at the Long Beach Karate Championships. This is where he was “discovered” by Hollywood.

“It is compassion rather than the principle of justice that can guard us against being unjust to our fellow man.”

– Bruce Lee.


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  1. Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do is not just as ordinary martial arts.

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