This post is looong overdue.

Too busy to write. I’ll let the pics speak for themselves.

Oh, and this is the last part of the Sarah Birthday Gifts Series.

You can see the other series here: Click me!

Ultimate pass: tickets, passes, coupons to all the shows and places within the park.


Getting hyped up for the Sea Lion show. Parang Sea World lang kuno. Not THAT Sea Lion. The pool to the left please.


Some cool tricks. Ok na rin.


C.Seamus Hermoso, National Geographic correspondent. NOT!


Clubbin' : Jellyfish style


Alien life forms in tomato sauce


Dinosaur fetus in Blue Gatorade


Parked sharks. Chill lang.


Lion fish? Lame. More like "Peacock fish" to me


Unsa man. Dili nimo? Ah Nemo.


A few drinks to end the long day.


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