Did you see the two new trailers for 2012’s Amazing Spider-man? Quick YouTube it!

Good thing they are making a reboot, the first three films are just too campy, too idiotic and too Hollywood. This one is more based on the comics.

3 Things that makes this new take on Spidey’s adventure more awesome than the Sam Raimi version:

1.Peter is in high school, and should stay in high school for quite some time. (In the comics, most of his legendary adventures was when he was in high school and college)

2. Gwen Stacy. The Sam Raimi film downplayed Gwen Stacy, when she was actually Peter’s great love interest. Mary Jane came way,way later. Although I prefer the super hot Emma Stone to play MJ since she looks so seductive with red hair.

3. Web-shooters. Toby Maguire shooting organic web coming from his own body? Yuck. Everyone knows that Peter designed mechanical web-shooters, Spider-man doesn’t produce his own web. That’s just sick.

Most of you don’t know how much I was a Spidey fan (yes, you know I collected Tarantulas as pets and I was into photography), but I actually started collecting Spidey comics since 1992 until 2003. I still have the boxed,sealed and cardboarded collection hidden somewhere in Olongapo after we moved out of Fairview. That’s around 187 comics.

Some memorabilia I have with me: (oh screw the movie merchandise, vintage comic book based stuff are way more awesome)

They better make this new movie for the fans and not for movie-goers alone. Besides, the film is being directed by an aptly named Marc Webb. Cool huh? Excelsior!


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