The year was 2000. I was in 4th year high school in Claret. One of our final projects was to create an art form based on Jose Rizal’s El Filibusterismo. Given the “pa-cool” attitude we had, we decided to make a soundtrack.

It was mostly comprised of covers or reinterpretations of popular songs recorded on a two-track karaoke machine. The last song however, was more of a graduation song rather than the ending track to the album.

The class all wanted it to be the official graduation song of the batch, but since we are not from the star section, another song was chosen instead.

This song was composed by R.A. (The Daily Panda) , with Voltaire Parmisano, Jevon Olea (yes, the now famous Jevon Olea), and me.

Happy Graduation to all ye students out there!


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  1. rah says:

    Gosh, just hearing this song tumayo layo ng balahibo ko.hehe it brings so much memories. Nakalimutan ko na yung lyrics at chords, pero hindi ko pero naaalala ko parin yung day na nirecord natin to. Miss you guys. Someday sana magkaron tayo ng reunion.

    • C.Seamus says:

      sablay sablay yung second voice.
      jevon saw this post nga actually.
      noon palang panalo na lead nya.
      si volt nalang wala ko contact.
      reunion sounds good.

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