History as they said is always written by the victors.

The awesome video below could be a knock on everyone’s door to think openly, or it could be a smear campaign or propaganda to taint the current administration.

I am non-partisan by the way, but I am pro-poor, anti-oligarchy, anti-nepotism and anti-corruption.

…and although I do not promote this video nor support it’s claims, I would like everyone viewing it to have an open mind and not keep on swallowing the bias news delivery of media moguls run by rich families. Take it with a grain of salt.



“For the rich and the powerful to be MORE CONSIDERATE and COMPASSIONATE; for the poor and the oppressed to be MORE EMPOWERED.” – C.Seamus Hermoso


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  1. The Asian economic crisis had been over for a few years now. It was what the VAT for. The new government can take it down anytime. Just like martial law, the VAT serves a unique and emergent situation for a certain period of time. That time’s done. There must be a reason why Noynoy is still keeping it in use. I just hope it’s not for a selfish reason.

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