I recently attended holy mass in our village church, and honestly I was a bit pissed off.

I am a staunch believer in the separation of state and church, but I noticed that masses nowadays feature a “prayer” so as not to let the much controversial “RH Bill” be passed by congress. A prayer asking for enlightenment for a decision that would benefit the most and uphold social justice and morality could have been enough, but a specific prayer for a specific bill? That to me is too much meddling.

The main reason of the boom of population here in our country is due to the Church’s lack of instruction and lack of education to the poor. The state is merely solving these problems caused by too much dogma of the Catholic Church. The wrong interpretation of “go forth and multiply”.

The RH Bill also named, the “responsible parenting act” is created to give Filipinos options to use various forms of family planning, whether natural or not. It is actually empowering couples to make a choice, and it is the Church’s task to educate their parishioners on what “moral” choice to take, not the state. The Church is washing it’s hands and turning it’s back on the responsibilities they have to take by merely attacking the Bill.

We have to mention that the RH Bill is not only focused for family planning but for women’s health and women’s reproductive rights as well. It’s no surprise that the Church being a patriarchal run institution would not want to empower women.

These priests, especially the ones who are assigned to the poor communities are to me no different than Rizal’s Padre Damaso, afraid to lose their power by injecting half-truths and creating an image that they are infallible and are alone God’s voice here on earth. When in fact, these are mere human opinions that should be left  to the educated men of law, economics and reproductive health.

The priest who’s homily I heard also asked the question as to why we have to go to Church. And implies that is our duty and we should be afraid of God. That kind of thinking has been abandoned long ago by the Catholic Church. We are living in the progressive world where faith is a matter of choice. The all-powerful vindictive God is a product of the medieval period (and sadly still is taught here in our poor country).


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