The recent unfortunate mishap that happened to MMDA Traffic Enforcer Saturnino Fabros, is an eye-opener to the daily commuters, traffic enforcers and motorists alike. I have been very vocal specially in Twitter on how in my 10 years of driving experience, it’s the SUV/fancy car owners that are the worst kinds of drivers.

You may blame buses or jeeps in cutting you or staying too long on a lane to get passengers, but these guys are just doing their job, earning a living. The bus drivers alone were once paid per trip and that gives them reason to always be on a hurry and do as many rounds or else their families will starve. Good thing that there’s a recent mandate by the labor sector for these bus drivers.

In comparison to private car owners, the lame reason that “I am late for work/school” just doesn’t cut it, since you have your own vehicle, why not leave early? ( I for one leave at 5:00am when work starts at 9:00am, but that’s another story). Private car owners usually have received better education and is in a better state of life than public drivers. Supposed to be private car owners should be more considerate to fellow drivers and have more tolerance in the road. Instead, these jerks are usually the people disregarding traffic signs and committing road violations.

Two examples:

The Lanuza part of C5 where vehicles merge to go up the flyover. Cars are supposed to line-up and take turns to merge into the flyover lane. Each day I pass that road, it’s the SUVs/BMWS/Volvos and the like that cut the line believing they are above the rules of the road and driver ethics. I once opened my car door so vehicles would not cut the line from my left, only to be asked by a traffic enforcer to let this Mitsubishi Pajero pass through. The Pasig blue boys just let them pass, I don’t know, maybe for fear that one these SUVs/fancy cars have powerful connections?

The carparks in the malls. There are visible arrows on the road that point out that the street is one-way only. Instead, most vehicles I see that violate these rules are the SUV/fancy car owners. They are also the people that steal your parking space. I saw a Toyota Fortuner steal a parking space from a lady-driven old Honda car, and I immediately blew my car horn and told the SUV owner to give that space to the Honda. If a simple rule is nothing to them, imagine how they act out in the open road.

The social stigma that “yes, I own a car, I am rich, therefore, respect me” is clearly seen everyday on the road. What’s annoying is that the enforcers/cops themselves let these rich folk get their way. Do we need more Carabuenas on the road?


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