I really am interested to do this.

A short film. About 40 minutes max. With modern cuts, and witty effects. Something you would normally see in an MTV reality series. Feedbacks and interviews cutting in and out of every segment.

But the content is something new and might spark controversy.

It would be about the average Filipino driver. How majority of drivers don’t know (or don’t care) what a signal light is for. How drivers think of the yellow light as “hurry up” and not “slow down”.  Why drivers cut lanes, enter one-way streets, and use influence to bribe traffic enforcers. It would also tackle why MMDA officers and traffic enforcers are always nailing the jeep and bus drivers but completely ignoring the SUV/fancy car drivers who, more often than not, are the ones regularly and blatantly disregarding traffic rules.


photo credit: coolbeanmommas


It would ask what the Filipino driver know about road ethics. Letting a pedestrian cross, lowering headlights when approaching an incoming vehicle, etc.

I would release it by episode on YouTube and hopefully start a campaign to educate the Filipino driver. I need a camera/videographer (don’t worry, you can use my camera and equipment); a video editor, and probably a bodyguard.

Any takers? =)


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