Effective communication requires not only a sender, a receiver and the proper medium, but also reciprocity and enthusiasm to connect.

In combat, the sender is the one attempting to punch,the receiver is the one defending, the medium is the way the punch is delivered. But unless reciprocity is established, it will be ineffective. The attacker, by means of positioning, strategy or other related principles must make sure that his punch finds its mark. While the defender by similar principles must make sure that he anticipates the punch, and react by dodging, parrying or counter attack. Hence, connection between two fighters is established.

In life, even if how many attempts a person makes to establish connection, without the receiver’s enthusiasm to connect, it will be useless. Not answering or delayed answering of calls or texts, evading conversations, or simply not being there are hindrances to effective communication.

Cancelling invitations, making excuses, or simply not allowing oneself to be interested to connect, are dead ends to make communication work. There are thousands of excuses to cut effective communication.

But there’s just one simple way to make communication work and to make a connection: Reciprocity or the enthusiasm to allow or let connection take place.

In Wing Chun, it is the receiving hand, in JKD it is the awareness to connect by footwork. In life, it is the willingness to be there; an attitude that maintains one to be open to be approached. And with this understanding, it is an art that all can learn.


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  1. r says:

    kailangan din ng communication para hindi magkaroon ng misunderstanding. minsan wala naman talagang dapat pagtalunan. walang genuine issue na dapat iresolve, meron lang – miss-communication na madali lang naman linawin.

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