Oh sure you see a lot these around. I even have friends who are one.

They gloat that they have this, they have that; they post pictures in social networks of their new gadgets, or new travels. Fancy wedding, fancy car, you name it. It’s a common human nature to brag, nothing wrong with that. You feel that it adds satisfaction to your ego when people go “oooh” and “aaah” and impressed by your social status.

The million dollar question is: Is it something to be proud of? Did you EARN it? Was it a reward for your hard work or religious savings? OR was it all provided by your parents?

First job mo? “ipinasok ako ng kumpare ni Dad”

Car mo? “hiningi ko kay Dad”

Travels nyo ng boyfriend/girlfriend mo? “gift ni Mommy”

Wedding nyo? “Sagot ng parents namin”

WOW.  at 25+ year old and parents parin sumasagot ng lahat?

One thing is certain, these people are overly-nurtured and when the nurturing stops, that’s when greed and corruption stems from.


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