After being on Android for almost two years, I decided to try the much-hyped, funky new mobile OS, Windows Phone 8 or more affectionately called, WP8.

I decided to go with HTC’s midrange offering, HTC Windows Phone 8S. Nokia’s equivalent is nice as well, although I prefer the matte and rubbery finish of HTC, as my hands are oftentimes sweaty, the rubberized back is a joy to hold (plus it eliminates the fingerprints).

The 8S comes with 4GB of internal memory and an expandable SD card slot (I had mine loaded with a 16GB Highpeed SD Card); a scratch resistant and ultra thin Gorilla Glass display, a dual-core 1.0 Ghz Krait S4 processor and 512mb of dedicated Ram. It’s a very sleek phone and very thin, which to me is quite an experience since my Xperia Play is really thick.


I haven’t got a camera to take an actual picture of my 8S, so this is reference pic of what I have.


The overall experience with WP8 is really quite a shock and needs a bit of getting used to. Since my office PC is running Windows8, and my Xbox is hooked online, my Microsoft environment eco-system becomes complete with a mobile  iteration of Microsoft’s latest OS.

wp_ss_20130419_0002 wp_ss_20130419_0001


Here are my homescreens as screenshots. You will notice immediately WP8’s signature “Live Tiles”. Everything I need is on one screen and can be accessed with a single touch.  The interface is really silky smooth and there is no sign of lag or hangups.  Nearly identical (if not smoother) than iOS.





Of course, as a gamer, my mobile device won’t be complete without a set of games. WP8 apps and games are still a bit limited, but the lineup is rapidly growing. Some of these game’s achievements can be accessed through my Xbox, and my Xbox game’s achievements, play time and status can also be viewed through my WP8 device.



One App I particularly like, is Round Workout Timer, an App that is sort of like a personal coach/timer for my sparring rounds, and shadow boxing with JKD.

Management of contacts is really excellent. All your social network accounts, and existing contact numbers can all be linked. So mentioning a person in Twitter, is as easy as texting them or calling them. Web experience is fluid and fast as well.













I am very much pleased with this new promising OS. All that is lacking is File Explorer and a function to have Apps run from SD Card, when Microsoft solves these minor issues, then this OS can easily beat iOS and Android.


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