I had always had a knack for teaching. I’d like to impart knowledge and share my experiences.

In my martial arts of JKD, I was recently given verbal permission by my Sifu Joel Ramos, to teach the basics of the art. It was such an empowering experience being given the task to help spread Bruce Lee’s original, untampered, way of fighting.

JKD  as taught to Ted Wong, was created in such a way that it throws away the traditions of Bruce Lee’s mother art of Wing Chun, and instead focuses on the efficiency of western boxing’s movement, and the long-range stance of fencing. It has adapted some trapping and parrying from Wing Chun and some high kicks from Bruce’s exploration in other Kung Fu styles, but it has evolved into something distinct and it’s own. It is not MMA, or Dan Inosanto’s JKD Concepts (where Guro Dan just mixes and matches different arts (which is too many) into one fluid movement) JKD Concepts is effective and looks great on screen, but it’s not JKD. You have to experience our own distinct movement, and see it for yourself, how in Bruce Lee’s own words: “it hits by itself”.

There are many other so-called JKD schools out there who claim to have originated from Bruce Lee or Dan Inosanto, some even resort to bad-mouthing Ted Wong’s lineage. But scholarly research and unbiased opinion proves that our Lineage is as authentic and true to what was being practiced by Bruce until his death in 1973. There are of course, so-called “Ted Wong’ lineage instructors that really don’t do much training but instead prefers to rob you of money. I won’t go into politicking or name dropping, but for those who have harsh words to say, feel free to challenge us and show us your “JKD” in actual sparring.

Here’s a nice article written by a Ted Wong guy who was from Concepts but moved to Ted Wong’s original JKD:



Being given such task to be able to teach newbies the basics also comes with a huge responsibility. Since JKD is so simple and direct, teaching an individual one basic strike is quite scary. It was designed to equip one to fight on the onset, no long forms or memorizing of a set of moves.  Teaching it to another clearly gave me new insights on both my understanding of the art, and my own personal biases, my way of communication, and my mindset.

It also tests my patience and tolerance. Not everyone can understand the concepts, not everyone will agree with me immediately. But  I like Sifu Joel’s approach in which, even the teacher learns new ways the art is appreciated each time you teach it to a new individual. “You learn by teaching” he always says. And to this, I agree. There are no secret formulas or hidden moves, advanced level forms, etc. in JKD. It is direct, it is simple, yet when one begins to teach it, and you gain a deeper understanding of the Science behind the concept, it can blow your mind on how complex that simple move really is. And yes, it is scary how effective it is.

For more information on JKD: Ted Wong Lineage you may contact Sir Joel Ramos at 09237303814 or message me here in my blog, and I can give you a trial in Salcedo Park or Valero Parking after office hours.



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