What we do seem simple to the untrained eye. You can claim that yes, you can do it too. The question is, can you do it right?

Devoting one’s self to JKD, training for months with countless frustration, body ache from the stretching to the pad work and sparring, and then being told casually by people who don’t even have an ounce of martial art training- that what we do they can do it as well, really ticked me off.

It seems simple on video right? Sure sure, anyone can hit a speedball. Anyone can imitate their own personal (insert martial arts idol) right? But what you fail to see is the footwork, the head movement, the hip alignment, the hand before foot, the push step, the broken rhythm,and the maintenance of structure. The drill is not all about hitting the ball, there are layers and layers of concepts and principles involved in throwing a perfect single straight lead.

So please. I am not trying to compete with anyone nor showcase or brag about what I can do, or what I’m perfecting to do by posting videos and pictures of our training. These are meant to entice interest to come train with us. To show how Ted Wong JKD moves in motion through drills.

If your ego prefers to believe that I am competing with you, I can’t do anything about that anymore. Anything else, skills wise, we can always settle it in a “friendly” sparring match. Then we can see if you can really do what we do.


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