Just recently, me and my colleague were invited by our office mates to drop them in the this gym after work (which would not be named, unless they give me 1 month free gym use for blog advertising, ha!).

Part of their “tour” is where they ask you to take your shoes and socks off, your wallet, belt, and all metallic objects with you. (The part where they take your money comes much later, probably after a month) Then you are asked to step on a metal plate with a machine connected to it. It then reads all kinds of body chemistry information.

I was a bit hesitant to try it since my last physical checkup a year ago, I was told I am a little overweight (height to weight ratio) and I was encouraged to build more muscle (fat to muscle ratio). Even in my Wii and Kinect, after a series of physical “tests” by some sports games a year ago, my body age (response time,body mass index, etc) was diagnosed as 39.

That was before I took up martial arts.

After WingChun for 7 months ( March to September, twice a week); and then moving on to Ted Wong-Jeet Kune Do (September to present), with more intense drills, actual full contact sparring, ground fighting and of course footwork training. Not to mention that part of our training of course is eating well and eating right, getting enough sleep, and taking plenty of fluids.

I often said that after martial arts, I have never felt more healthier. I sleep well, I get sick less often (although injuries from fights come more often), and I have this constant supply of energy. It is just now that I have an actual scientific proof of why I feel great.

So far here’s the results:



I am well within the recommended muscle mass, well within the ideal fat percentage, and surprisingly, my metabolic age is 5 years less than my actual age!

In contrast, my office mates who are 3 to 5 years younger were diagnosed with either obesity, high blood sugar, and metabolic ages ranging in the 40’s.

So given these results, it’s safe to say I am in the right track achieving perfect physical health. More sparring, more JKD! More healthy food and healthy snacking!  Health is always a good investment.

And with this, I encourage everyone to go out and do some physical exercise, eat right, and maintain a positive outlook.


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