First things first-

I want attention. I want to be praised. I want fans. I want people to think I am so awesome. (Sarcasm ok?)

I have a celebrity complex. (don’t we all?)

And I have a writing style that borders on “ouch-that’s-so-harsh” and “im-gonna-have-you-killed-for-what-you-wrote”. 

Yep. I’ve earned enough enemies online, and gained a few followers (and lost/gained friends) through what I write.

But hey. Writing to me is a passion. It’s fun. It’s liberating. (and seriously, I am really a good person in real life)

This blog was not created to be a “show-off” instrument or a piss off machinery.

I write because I can, and because I love to.

I started formally blogging way back in 2001 in Multiply, before that I had a Geocities and Angelfire page as well.

I then created Just BEing in (Blogspot), which contained most of my best articles (which I deleted).

Then came Just BEing v.2 here in WordPress, which archived contents from version 1. But, I also deleted that as well.

Hopefully this latest incarnation will last long enough until Chinese is the new universal language.

And yes you will be offended if you don’t understand sarcasm.  Oh, and thanks for visiting!



Now, on to About Me:

I finished elementary in Flos Carmeli, a quasi-Italian Catholic school run by nuns back then;

I earned my High School diploma in Claret School, where I learned non-essential things from pornography to fraternities;

I finished Philosophy and Human Resources in San Beda College back when it was still the only all-boys college in the country;

I was part of the College paper as the official photographer and senior staff for the rest of my overstaying years;

I tried three semesters in San Beda College of Law, and I just shook my head and walked away;

I worked at BPOs; background checking would-be criminals and then teaching foreigners what a computer is;

I worked as an HR consultant, a staffing and manpower specialist, an NGO-paralegal and an NGO-wellness speaker;

I’m now WAS a Labor and Industrial Relations Student in UP Diliman – Solair;

I am a human rights/ children’s rights activist by birthright and by choice;

I am a tech and gadget enthusiast, a pc and console gamer, and a pop culture geek;

I am a pet lover, was a dog owner and a tarantula and scorpion breeder;

I am a lover of food, music, movies and art;

I run, I studied Wing Chun Kung-Fu under Sifu Yuri from Ip Man Lineage

I am a Jeet Kune Do coach/instructor from Bruce Lee-Ted Wong Lineage under Triad JKD Philippines

I am a loving boyfriend husband and a responsible son;

and finally,

I am an annoying know-it-all.

Ha! Peace!


18 responses »

  1. yes! you are an annoying know-it-all…and kulang sa pansin boyfriend. but, iloveyou anyway.

  2. C.Seamus says:

    don’t forget “pa-star” complex. hahaha! hello world, meet Sarah, =)

  3. nice! welcome back bro!!! so, seamus the hermit, what have you been up to lately? i’m seriously thinking of putting up a blog as well… man, i’m getting rusty! hahaha!!! oh well, i’m looking forward to thinking (and overthinking) with you online. =)

    • C.Seamus says:

      thanks bro. well, ikaw naman talaga ang naturingang “manunulat” (at maninisid) sa ating apat. mas pa-cool lang kami syo.
      sembreak is fast approaching tsong! di mayaya si jodan lately, busy with school. send mo articles mo, post natin. =)

  4. rah says:

    jeff, start ka na din ng blog mo. Can’t wait to read your articles 😀 Hehe, Ok din ang facebook, pero iba din ang blogging. Hehe.

    @seamus buti pa si jodan niyayaya mo (tumakbo) ako, hindi 😦

  5. Jodan Valle says:

    gagawa din ako blogsite ko!!! after ko ng English 1!!! next sem!! hahahaha

  6. Layla says:

    hi! you stopped by my blog…just thought I’d return the favour! 🙂

    I love what I read so far. 🙂

  7. wow there’s already a layla up there!!

    wish my blog can be this clean.

    hey let’s talk some time about a good micro four thirds camera. hahaha!

    see you around.

  8. gmae says:

    Done adding you to my blogroll! 🙂 Took a long time, I have been sooooooooooo busy! 🙂 But your blog’s worth a read, I won’t miss adding you to my list 🙂 Take care!

  9. Ponchy says:

    Pssst! Wassup! Apir! :)))

  10. Joy Ramos says:

    Great blog sir, I like your writing style and look forward to your adventures!

  11. C.Seamus says:

    wow. thanks for that Ma’m.
    it’s more of my writing style i guess than my actual personality that “sounds like” arrogant and vain. cheers! thanks for visiting

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